Universities & Colleges: Connect your students & graduates to employers & jobs

MatchWork helps your students find jobs and get started on the right path with their careers. 

The Future of Student Success

Connect your Students & Graduates to Employers & Jobs
100% free

MatchWork is the perfect solution for post-secondary institutions looking to help their students find employment, while providing a better experience for both student and employer through enhanced engagement metrics. Our jobs solution is 100% free to use and doesn't require any hardware or software installation on your part.

Measure Graduate Outcomes & Determine Employability Success Factors

The only way you can know if your programs are successful is by measuring outcomes and determining what factors lead to success. MatchWork helps you measure graduate outcomes so that you can make more informed decisions about how best to serve your students’ needs now and in the future.

Outcomes Tracking System

Track student progress with our comprehensive dashboard that offers a variety of insights into your students' experiences after graduation - including job placements, salary information and survey responses from previous grads about what they're doing now.

Connect your Students & Graduates to Employers & Jobs

MatchWork is a career platform that helps students connect with employers and get meaningful work.

Post secondary institutions can provide a valuable resource to students and graduates at no cost.

They then can get meaningful insights on graduate outcomes, employability success factors and build a network of employers.

Each students gets a personalized Work Profile which helps them know what drives them, what engages them & what makes them invaluable to employers.

This ultimately determines who is most likely going to feel fulfilled in their role, who is most likely going to be productive and who is most likely to stay.

Why Invest in MatchWork?

Connect your students to employers

MatchWork partners with post-secondary institutions and employers to connect students in need of internships, volunteering opportunities or job opportunties to graduates with qualifications set to make an impact.

Graduate Outcomes Tracking

Get a variety of insights into your students' experiences after graduation - including job placements, salary information and survey responses from previous grads about what they're doing now

Align your institution's goals with student's and employers' needs

Get information, insights, and data you need to make informed decisions about where to invest resources, so you can be confident that each student's education is valuable for their future careers

Students are looking for jobs. We've got them

We’ve got thousands of open positions in the US and Canada, across all industries, that are hiring now.

Get the complete picture: From enrollment to post-graduation

Post-Secondary Success

MatchWork enables you to improve your students' employability and graduation rates with relevant job matches, employers we locate and, opportunities for soft skills growth.

Incentives for both employers & schools

Students get personalized career goals matched to open jobs in the "Jobs Market" section of our website. Employers also benefit from increased access and advertising on employer profile pages on our site so they can reach their ideal pool of talent.

Collect Graduate Data

Institutions can use MatchWork's comprehensive analysis reports and KPIs to discover insights into graduate outcomes assessment that are powerful enough to go beyond review committees or satisfaction surveys- unlocking value across an institution's recruitment efforts

Program & Job Market Insights

Build insights for your institution by measuring graduation rates, identifying occupational career preferences.

"What makes us different is focusing on what employers are looking for and, what drives great talent. There is way more to a succesful, long term hire than what they can or cannot do."


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